Long Island / NYC Metro Youth Triathlon Series

We are excited to participate in USA Triathlon Youth Race Series for the Long Island / NYC Metro Area. This great opportunity for children ages 7 to 17 to be able to Ranking in each Region for an individual score as well as a team score!

Please visit each website to register for the race. At the end of each event, points will be tallied and provided to USAT to review and post.
*4/21/2024 Mini Mightyman Pool Triathlon
*5/12/2024 Mother's Day Duathlon
*7/29/2024 Huntington Youth Triathlon
*8/24/2024 Tobay Junior Tri and Sprint
*9/14/2024 Toughkids
*9/14/2024 Toughman High School Sprint
*9/15/2024 Mini Maniac Youth Triathlon

Additional information regarding the series can be found at the USAT Site. Please Click Here

To Prepare for These Events, Please Visit Your Local Youth Triathlon Club!