Welcome to the Lightning Warrior Youth Triathlon Team!

We are a Long Island based not-for profit triathlon team focused on making the sport of triathlon available to all young athletes. Our goal is to unlock each members potential, both athletically and leadership wise.

Each athletes individual skills are enhanced by being part of a team that is supportive in a competitive environment. As the team rises the community benefits as well. Our goal is to have each athlete be able to excel in all levels of life.

As a member of the Lightning Warriors, all coaching, equipment and race fees are included. However, it is important that each member do their best to be ambassadors of the Sport of Triathlon, and part of being part of this not-for-profit will be the aspect of fundraising.

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As a not-for-profit team we need your support.

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Mini Mightyman 2021 Nick Anthony Ryan (1)
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Elijah Bike Mini Mightyman Pool Tri 2021 (3)
Mini Mightyman 2021 Jenny Finishline

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