Triathlon is a fun activity that involves swim, bike and run that challenges the individual as well as focuses them towards goals that creates confidence and skills to succeed. All kids deserve the opportunity to play a fun sport and develop skills that can be used for a lifetime.

As part of the Lightning Warriors, coaching, facilities and USA Triathlon membership are no charge to its members. However, as a team member, we ask the following:

  • Must be kind, courteous, supportive, give 100%, be safe, responsible, and have fun!
  • Must have safe and correctly sized equipment, such as well-maintained bike and helmet and running shoes. As part of our mission, we want to remove barriers to participate in this sport. Should you need assistance with equipment, we can help thanks to our generous supporters.
  • Participants are expected to volunteer and participate in fundraising opportunities. Various opportunities for team members and team family members will be presented throughout the year.
  • Team members are encouraged to invite friends to practice and share the benefits of multisport.
  • Must have a USA Triathlon Annual Membership in good standing.