What is Triathlon?

  • Triathlon is a sport that typically follows in this order Swim, Bike then Run


  • The Lightning Warriors wants to have a safe environment to have fun and properly learn skills to help improve what they have learned.
    • Be prepared to practice or race with the proper equipment needed.
      • Arrive on time to warm up
        • Stay focused as not to distract fellow teammates.
          • We expect each child to listen to instruction for their own safety as well as the other people at practice.
            • We expect all to be respective towards each other and let the Coach lead the practice.
              • Only staff is allowed to work with the kids. All non-athletes must stay off the swim deck or far enough away not to interfere with practice.

How Young Can My Child Start?

  • The Lightning Warriors works with kids from 7 to 19 to improve triathlon skills with each year

What Do I Need to Start?

  • Your child needs to be able to take instruction and willing to learn new skills for their safety and the safety of others
    • For the Swim: Your child should be able to swim across the pool unassisted. We help develop swim skills, however we currently do not provide learn to swim. For swim clothes: swim wear; Boys: Swimming Trunks. Girls: One Piece Swimsuit
      • For the Bike: Your child will need a properly sized bike, not to big or too small for safety. They will need to be able to start their bike,stop using the brakes, and be able to ride a straight line. Most important is a properly sized helmet. Clothing: No Loose Fitting Clothes as they may get caught in the bike chain or caught on the handlebars. Coats and jackets must be waist long (no long coats)
        • For the Run: Properly sized running shoes, and clothes made for running

Where are Practices?

  • The Lightning Warriors provides multiple locations to provide different experiences.. Just like life and race day environments change as well. We locate safe locations to hold practice
    • For the Pool Swim: Our Main Locations are the Nassau Aquatics Center and the Patchogue YMCA.
      • For the Open Water: Our Main Watering Holes are Tobay Beach off Ocean Parkway, West Meadow Beach (Stony Brook) and Cedar Beach (Mount Sinai)
        • For the Bike: There are different locations such as Tobay Beach Parking Lot, Stony Brook University, Bethpage Lake State Park, Old Westbury University.
          • For the Run: We will combine that with a bike or on a track

When are Practices and Events?

  • Practices changes based on the season.
    • Pool Swim is usually from October to June. Open Water is usually from June to September. Around Early Evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays
      • Bike/Runs may coincide with the Swims and On the Weekend Mornings or Afternoons
        • During the Weekends we host more Virtual Bike Workouts on Zoom